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Towing Dale City VAWhen you think of quality towing here in Dale City, VA, what do you think of? Well here at Dale City Tow Truck, we think of three things, quality towing services, quality customer service and response time. Our quality towing service is what binds our team together, and ensures that our customers know that they will be getting an honest and great tow, no matter when they call. Our commitment to quality customer service ensures that our clients know that Dale City Tow Truck has their back, and will deliver a top of the line service, no matter the time or weather. Finally, our commitment to response time has been one of our founding principals and is extremely important as without a proper and accurate response time our clients would simply move on to another company. This is why the team at Dale City Tow Truck has been so happy with our current partnership with Fairfax Tow Truck, as they give us the flexibility to increase our service area, without sacrificing response time to the city. It is a win-win for our clients and ourselves, and with 24/7 emergency towing available, the team at Dale City Tow Truck has your back. Here are just a few of the great services we offer our clientele across Dale City, VA!

Dale City Roadside AssistanceRoadside assistance Dale City

Lockout Services

Dealing with locked in keys is never fun, but when you call the team at Dale City Tow Truck, you will know that you will be able to get back into your vehicle in no time. We utilize a modern way to get into your car without the need to scratch or damage your vehicle in the least. See how, and call the team at Dale City Tow Truck.

Gas Delivery Services

The engine is starting to putter, and you know it is because you are running out of gas. Instead of walking the 2 miles to the next service station, call the team at Dale City Tow Truck. Our team has been delivering gas at market prices since our inception, and we can get you back and on your way in no time!

Jump Start Services

Dale City Towing flat bedA dead battery can be one of those horrid moments in a car’s life, but the one thing to remember is that when you call Dale City Tow Truck, you will be up and running in no time. Our great battery jumpers will allow you to enjoy a quality jump, without the hassle.

Tire Change Services

Whether it is a blown tire or a puncture, the team at Dale City Tow Truck has been there in practically every situation. Our tire change service will allow you to stay safe, while our tow truck drivers take care of the swap as fast as slow Nascar pit crew!

Accident Recovery Service

We honestly hope never to have to deliver this service, but when it comes to accident recovery service in Dale City, VA, there is no one better than Dale City Tow Truck. From recovering a car in a ravine to dealing with a head to head collision, we will take care of your vehicle, while you focus on healing.

Dale City Towing Services

Towing Service Dale City VirginiaAs a towing company, it should come to no surprise that our focus as a company has been on our towing services. We are proud to offer the city of Dale City, VA with some options that will suit their individual needs. Our light duty towing service is one that will work with consumer cars and trucks and is focused on getting you off the road and into a mechanic as soon as possible. Our medium duty towing service is one that will put a focus on getting you back on the road, with quick response time and towing that is meant for cube vans or work trucks. Finally, our heavy duty towing services are intended for those who haul things for a living and will get you and your rig back to the yard or a trusted heavy duty mechanic quickly and without interruptions.Dale City Tow Truck

As one of the premier options for towing services and roadside assistance, it should be no surprise that the team at Dale City Tow Truck has continued to serve the great community of Dale City, VA. We are proud to offer all of our clients the ability to pay cash or with major credit cards, and with our excellent service standards, and even better towing service options, we are the premier option in and around Dale City, VA. Call our team today, and see how Dale City Tow Truck can make a difference with you and your next tow!

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