A white car that has been in an accident is in the process of being loading on to a flatbed tow truck from Fairfax Tow TruckAt Fairfax Tow Truck, we offer a dozen services that you can have at your beck and call. We work speedily so you are always done quickly and correctly. We offer heavy duty towing, medium duty towing, light duty towing, roadside assistance, tire change service, jump start service, gas delivery service, 24/7 emergency service, accident recovery and lockout service.

Heavy Duty Towing: We tow heavy machinery, Recreational Vehicles, buses, and anything else that is too large to be considered Medium Duty. We make sure that your machine arrives properly and with a strong hitch so that you can fire it up the second we unbuckle it.A large truck is being towed down the street in Fairfax

Medium Duty Towing: This level is more for bigger vehicles such as trucks or cube vans. Whether youère moving and the car died on you, or you got into an accident, we are able to be right there to help you and your family get back on track. We will take to a garage and make sure you are ready before we go.

Light Duty Towing: This is more for your minis, convertibles and other sporty or smaller cars. This is our most popular type of towing in the area. We have trucks working all day and night to make sure that if you need a tow, you are not left in the blue.

A woman on the side of the road with her car hood open on her broken car is on her cellphone calling Fairfax Tow Truck for roadside assistanceRoadside Assistance: We help you out when your car dies. It is very dangerous to be outside of your vehicle on the shoulder of the road, so let a trained professional help you out. We know what we are doing, and want you to be safe.

Tire change Service: We can change a tire faster than you can say bye. We fire those nuts off, and put the donut in its place so fast, youèll think you never got a flat. Even if the nuts are giving you trouble, we make sure to spray and take care of the bolts to not damage them for future use.

Jump Start Service: A lot of people do not like messing around with electrical wires. We do it for a living, so we can get your battery jumped and ready to go. The more you run the car with the battery on, the more it charges, but let us make sure it is done right.A white tow truck is parked in front of a white residential building in Fairfax

Gas Delivery: We will run a jerry can out to you quickly so you can get back on the road. Some people like to gamble with their gas gauge, and that is fine with us. We will see you on the side of the road with a full can.

24/7 emergency service: We work all hours of the night and are on call to make sure no one gets stranded at any hour. Call us and there will be someone to help

Accident Recovery: We will pick your car up if you have had a bad accident. Because it can be traumatizing to some people or stressful, we are happy to go pick up the car and take it to a garage or anywhere you need it to be.