Newington Tow Truck


The team at Newington Tow Truck has been the leaders in the field of towing services and roadside assistance services for years, and no matter if we are dealing with a blown tire or something worse, our tow trucks will be there in minutes. With more than a few years under our belt, our team has quickly become known as the go-to towing company in and around Newington, VA. This has not happened by accident, as our owners saw a need for a towing company that did things a little differently in our community, and he was met with success and a busy company. This included simple things like offering 24/7 emergency services to all of our clients or accepting all major credit cards on site, to some tangible differences like a focus on customer service for our dispatchers and drivers. Now is the time to see the Newington Tow Truck difference, and see what we can help you with! Here are just a few of the great services we are proud to offer all of the residents of Newington, VA!

Towing Services

As a tow truck company, the team at Newington Tow Truck knows that they need to deliver a top-end towing service to stay in business. That is why we are proud to work with our clients every day on the road, providing them with towing services that they need at a price that is not going to break the bank. We offer all of our clients three distinct tiers of towing service, each intended for a different class of vehicle. Our heavy duty towing service is perfect for those who haul things for a living and can tow larger buses or big rigs with ease. Our medium duty towing service is intended for those who are operating larger work trucks or cube vans with tools and will ensure you are back on the road as soon as possible. Finally, our light-duty towing service is our bread and butter and is the perfect option for those who are looking to get their consumer vehicle to a shop or home. Towing does not need to be a pain, and with Newington Tow Truck you will be covered, no matter what type of rig you are driving!

Roadside Assistance Services

Jumpstart Services

Loaded with a powerful jumper pack, the tow trucks of Newington Tow Truck have been providing people up, and down the parking lots and driveways of Newington, VA jump starts services for years. Experience a fast and safe jumpstart with one of our packs, and you will be thankful you called Newington Tow Truck!

Lockout Services

A lockout is the worst. We all hate it, but if you are looking to get back into your car quickly, it might be time to call Newington Tow Truck. We have been providing our lockout services for years, and with our modern tools, we will be able to get you back in your car before the ice cream in the grocery bag melts!

Tire Change Services

Whether it is a blown tire or a puncture, the team at Newington Tow Truck has been providing the town of Newington, VA with tire change services since our inception. With our experts, you and your family can stay safe, while our driver will complete the change in minutes. Skip trying to figure out how to work a tire iron, and simply call the team at Newington Tow Truck!

Accident Recovery Services

We honestly hope you never have to use this service, but we are here if you need us. Our accident recovery services have been used by emergency service personal quite regularly, and with our ability to fish a vehicle out of a lake or ravine, we are in high demand. Let our experts focus on recovering your vehicle while you can focus on getting healthy after an accident.

Gas Delivery Services

If you are facing a long walk to the service station for gas, it might be time to look up the number at Newington Tow Truck. We have been providing gas delivery services for years, and without at market rates, and fast response times, it should come as no surprise that this service is a little popular.

We are a proud team here at Newington Tow Truck, and this is why it has been great news that we have been able to partner with Fairfax Tow Truck to ensure our customers are always getting the best service possible. This partnership was formed to increase our service area, while maintaining our great call times in and around Newington, VA. See what kind of difference a quality towing company can make on your next towing service, and call the team at Newington Tow Truck! With amazing customer service, great towing services and one of the best response times in the city, there is no one better suited for your next emergency on the road than Newington Tow Truck.