How Fairfax Towing Can Help You

Road trips can be memorable. You want to remember them because they were absolutely awesome experiences and not because your car broke down. Whether you are camping over Easter or enjoying a Christmas excursion be it in Fairfax or whichever state, you need to be prepared to ensure that you get to all your destinations without necessarily calling the services of Fairfax Towing in case of a breakdown.

Cars need special care and attention to stand a chance of performing their best. You need to have your local mechanic give your vehicle a complete check at least three weeks before making a long departure.

Important car checks should include at least the following elements;Roadside Assistance Fairfax

  • The condition and age of the oil filter and air filter
  • The level of wear on the brake pads
  • The state of the springs, the shock absorbers and struts
  • Vehicle spark plugs, the horse connection and timing belt
  • Whether all lights are working correctly
  • Battery check for change, the fluid top-up, any corrosion and connections
  • Checking tires for wear, alignment and inflation
  • Replace the windscreen wiper blades if need be
  • Check on the fluid levels, the engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, radiator coolant, transmission fluid and windscreen washer fluid.
  • Check that the spare tire is in good shape and that it is well attached with its jack store appropriately.

It can be a bad feeling when you arrive at your destination and find that you are missing some items. The only sure way to ensuring you don’t miss on any important stuff is making a check list of the items you need to pack. Some of the important items you might need for your car trip include a good flashlight, a mobile phone charger, car manual, basic first aid kit, drinking water, windscreen shade, and basic took kit for minor repairs, tire inflation gauge, GPS mapping app and maps for navigation.

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