Parks, Trails, and Gardens in Fairfax, Virginia

Fairfax offers plenty of outdoor space to play, hike, and enjoy the nice weather. Within the City of Fairfax’s six square miles are more than 220 acres of park land, 28 miles of trails, and 25 parks with playgrounds, rentable pavilions, and athletic fields. Fairfax also offers other recreational areas including volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts. If you’re looking to spend some one-on-one time with Mother Nature, check out the ample parks, trails, and gardens in Fairfax.


Spend the day at one of Fairfax’s many beautiful parks. Visitors have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and engage in recreational activities like sports, picnicking, and relaxing. If you’re in Fairfax, check out the following popular parks:

  • Cobbdale Park
  • Dale Lestina Park
  • Fairchester Woods Park
  • Draper Drive Park
  • Gateway Regional Park
  • Kutner Park
  • Pat Rodio Park
  • Ranger Road Park
  • Wilcoxon Park
  • Providence Park
  • Ted Grefe Park


Explore northern Virginia’s countryside while engaging in exercise on one of Fairfax’s numerous trails. The trails are shared by walkers, joggers, bike riders, and horseback riders alike. All trails in Fairfax are open from sunrise to sunset, and motorized vehicles are not permitted on the trails. Some trails to check out include:trail fairfax

  • George T. Snyder Trail
  • Layton Hall Trail
  • Sager Trail
  • Anacostia River Trail
  • Bethesda Trolley Trail
  • Catonsville Short Line Trail
  • White’s Mill Trail
  • Beulah Street Sidepath
  • Stony Run Trail


Fairfax is home to hundreds of acres of ornamental gardens featuring native plants and local flora and fauna. With nearby lakes and forests, the gardens are the perfect place to walk, picnic, or simply spend an afternoon relaxing. The Meadowlark Botanical Gardens are the most popular gardens in Norther Virginia. Here you’ll find educational classes, tours, gazebo rentals, a Korean Bell Garden, a naturist program, and hands-on activities for children. Other gardens around Fairfax include:

  • Kitty Pozer Garden
  • Mary McCandlish Memorial Garden
  • Green Springs Gardens

Other Outdoor Entertainment

Summers in Fairfax mean long days and warm nights. There’s plenty of fun to be had all summer long including water activates, drinking and dining, and weekend getaways. There are several waterparks and pools near Fairfax that are perfect for those hot and humid days of summer. If pools are not your thing, residents and visitors of Fairfax can also enjoy boating on local bays, rivers, and lakes. Explore the area via kayak or canoe, or try your luck fishing on the open water.

Throughout Fairfax County are numerous free and family-friendly outdoor concerts sponsored by local parks, towns, and businesses. Nearly every week during the summer you’ll find outdoor concerts, films, and other sources of entertainment. You can also dine and drink outdoors. Many restaurants in Fairfax offer outdoor seating where you can sip on cocktails and enjoy tasty food with family or friends.

Get out of the house and enjoy time in the great outdoors. Whether you’re interested in hiking, biking, or enjoying a meal under the sun, Fairfax, Virginia offers plenty of opportunities for outside fun.

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