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Stafford Towing flat bedFor the team at Reston Tow Truck, our focus has always been on our clients. No matter if we are providing towing services or are working with you to assist in accident recovery in Reston, VA, the team at Reston Tow Truck is here for you. Below, you will find out a little more about our accident recovery services that we are proud to offer to all of our clients in and around Reston, VA.

Why our team?

The team at Reston Tow Truck is uniquely set up to be your ideal option for all things towing. From our dispatchers to our drivers and our fleet here is why Reston Tow Truck is your premier choice for accident recovery services in Reston, VA:

Our dispatchers at Reston Accident Recovery

It all starts with our dispatchers, and no matter if you are looking for Reston accident recovery, or need roadside assistance, our dispatchers are here for you. That is why we have invested in our dispatchers so that they can help our clients as the first point of contact. Our dispatchers have been trained in conflict resolution and have superior customer service skills to ensure that you and your car are taken care of, even on the busiest of nights. When you call the team at Reston Tow Truck, you will rest assured that you will be able to have one of our tow trucks dispatched in no time.

Our drivers at Reston Accident Recovery

The drivers at Reston Tow Truck are some of the best in the business, and we are just saying that. Ever since we founded our company, the team at Reston Tow Truck has handpicked our drivers based on three criteria. The first is their driving experience. Our drivers have been behind the wheel of tow trucks for years, and with thousands of miles under their tires, they have seen it all! Secondly, we have picked our drivers for their expertise in towing services. Finally, we choose our drivers due to their customer service. Customer service is the basis of our business, and it is why Reston Tow Truck has ensured that our drivers have the skills to deliver fantastic customer service to all of your towing needs. With experience, expertise and a focus on customer experience, the team at Reston Tow Truck are well situated to help you and your vehicle out with any issue you may face in and around Reston, VA.

Our fleet at Reston Accident Recovery

When you think of towing services and accident recovery in Reston, VA, the first company you should think of is Reston Tow Truck. Why is that? Simply put, it is because of our top of the line fleet that delivers our services to our clients. Our fleet is our pride and joy, and we cannot wait to help out, no matter the size of the vehicle. We offer light duty, medium duty and heavy duty towing services, and can handle everything from a Mini Cooper to an 18-wheeler. With the fleet at Reston Tow Truck, you will be in good hands.

Accident Recovery Services

Our process

The team at Reston Tow Truck is all about the process as we can provide a similar service for everything from a go-kart to a charter bus. Our process is as follows:

  1. Our dispatcher is contacted either by Reston Police, Reston Fire or a potential client about an accident.Reston VA Tow Truck
  2. Our dispatcher will ask several questions to narrow down what kind of truck that is needed, where the accident is, and any other pertinent information that will help our truck find you.
  3. Our dispatcher will dispatch the appropriate truck and provide the caller an approximate arrival time for our truck.
  4. Our truck will arrive on the scene and survey the situation.
  5. Once the scene is safe, our truck will start the recovery process.
  6. If our driver needs to winch the vehicle, we will run lines out to the vehicle, chat with the first responders on the scene and start the winching process.
  7. Once the car is back on the road, or near it, we will secure the vehicle and review the next steps with either the client or first responders.
  8. Once the vehicles are secured, we will load the vehicles on our truck and chat with the client.
  9. Our trucks will drop off the car at a mechanic, body shop or even the wrecker, depending on where the client or the first responders need the vehicle to be dropped off.

Naturally, every single situation is a little different, and depending on the specific situation, we try to maintain the same process with every client. Our team enjoys working with the community and are happy to be the first choice in all thing’s accident recovery.

The other factors in accident recovery services

Towing Service Reston VirginiaWhen it comes to accident recovery, there are several factors that our tow trucks need to consider with each situation. The first is the type of truck that we will need. For instance, if we are looking to flip an 18-wheeler, we would not dispatch a light duty truck, but rather send along a heavy duty tow truck that has the horsepower to handle the work. Although all of our trucks come with a winch, our heavy duty trucks have winches that are designed to flip those who haul people or things for a living. As we have a significant fleet, if it is a complicated recovery, we can bring in multiple trucks to assist.

Secondly, we have to consider the weather conditions. As we live in Virginia, winters can be pretty brutal. Thus, we want to work when things are going to be safe, especially for heavy-lift recovery. Our team will assess the situation and work with local law enforcement to recover the vehicle with ease making sure everyone stays safe.

Finally, we have to consider what law enforcement needs to do with the scene. If there were a fatal or a severe injury, law enforcement would want to detail and take evidence. Naturally, this means that we will work around and wait until law enforcement gives us the okay to start the recovery. These factors will always dictate the work, but our process will be our roadmap on every single job site.

The types of recovery towing options

Towing Reston VAFor the team at Reston Tow Truck, it is all about towing services and more. As we mentioned above, our team has excelled at providing our community of Reston with accident recovery services, but we also have several other services that we can provide. Our recovery towing options allows you to move or relocate any vehicle, no matter its size or condition. This is why our team at Reston Tow Truck continues to excel at all things towing. Here are some more details about our different services we can offer you:

Light duty

Our light duty recovery towing allows our clients the option to move consumer vehicles with ease. No matter if it is a new build that needs to go across the city, or a write off that is off to the wrecker, the team at Reston Tow Truck is here for you. Our light duty tow trucks are designed for anything from Toyota Prius to the Ford F-150, and with available towing for cars, sedans, sports cars, SUVs and trucks, Reston Tow Trucks light duty towing is here to serve!

Medium Duty

Our medium duty recovery towing option is all about the small business owner, and we are here for you. We are able to handle anything from cube vans to larger work trucks and will be able to respond and recover throughout Reston, VA. Our tow trucks can winch, turn, recover or simply tow with the best of them, and no matter if it is a fender bender or something more serious, Reston Tow Truck is your go-to company for all thing’s accident recovery.

Heavy Duty

Finally, as we have mentioned, the team at Reston Tow Truck are the real experts when it comes to heavy duty recovery towing. We have been providing this service since our first heavy duty tow truck came into service, and we love it. No matter if you are looking to have your charter bus to be hauled back to the yard to be repaired or if you are looking to wreck your 18-wheeler that lost a battle with a moose, our team of heavy duty tow trucks are here for you.

Accident recovery services are a skill, and for the team at Reston Tow Truck, we have quickly become the expert in this niche. As the trusted towing partners of Reston Police and Fire, our tow trucks have been utilized countless times over the years to assist on accident scenes. No matter if we are flipping an 18-wheeler back on its wheels or hauling away a Ford F-150 after it has been written off, the team at Reston Tow Truck is here for you! Call us today and find out how Reston Tow Truck can assist with your next accident recovery needs.

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