What to expect at Roer’s Safari

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that you are in Vienna, VA when you step into the magical world that the great people at Roer’s Safari have created on their land. This zoo is a perfect place to bring you young man or woman to enjoy some animals, and most importantly tire them out! The place is huge and offers a wide variety of activities and animals to interact with. In this article, we will take a look at the animals, the activities and some helpful tips!Giraffe Vienna


There are a lot of animals that make their home in Roer’s Safari. From wallabies to kangaroos, and even some giraffes these large exotic game animals are safe and given a huge area to roam free in. We also have such animals as zebras, llamas, buffalo, camels, warthogs, emus and even a few baby pigs. From barnyard to exotic, the animals at Roer’s Safari are happy, safe and most importantly extremely well fed by families!


Take an adventure ride

You have an opportunity to jump on an open air bus, and see the animals up close and personal. You will be able to pet zebras, llamas, buffalo, watusi, and even emus! Make sure to bring some feed, and most importantly the camera!

Barnyard animals

Roer’s safari is home to both exotic, and common barn yard animals. You and your family will be able to play with some goats, pigs, cows, horses and even some bunny rabbits. There is a small petting zoo for the little ones, and a large amount of feed is always kicking around if you want to feed these great little animals. Make sure to watch out for the black goat, he is known to head butt when he is having a bit of a bad day!Camel Vienna


If you are looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity, one of the many knowledgeable handlers will be able to help you experience a feeding of either the giraffe or the camels. These gentle creatures will try and get the food, but chances are you will get a face full of the tongue!

Parakeet Adventure

If you are one to love birds, the parakeet adventure is for you. This free section of the park allows you to enter the aviary and interact with these amazing animals. Before you ask, no you cannot take them home!


Roer’s is an open area, and thus you would be well advised to bring a hat, and some strong sunscreen. There is bottled water for sale, but you can also bring your own. As well, you would be well advised to leave your four legged friends at home, as the property does not allow dogs. This is a kid friendly spot, but please do make sure to keep an eye on them at all times, as these are wild animals that can see your child as a threat. Most importantly, make sure to have fun, and enjoy one of the best places in Vienna, VA!

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