Auto Towing Safety Guidelines

Auto towing a vehicle requires additional knowledge and skill. All trailers including caravans affect the performance of towing vehicle. Such, affect fuel consumption, braking ability, acceleration, general control, and maneuverability.

When towing a vehicle, the above factors worsen depending on the size and weight of the trailer concerning the towing vehicle. An extra length and width can be challenging to manage, if factors such hard road roughness, the wind and passing vehicles are involved.

For safety when performing towing, here are some rules for towing;Towing Fairfax

–    Nobody is allowed to ride in trailers or caravans

–    Towing more than one trailer at a time is not allowed.

–    While towing and driving on the road without street lights, the driver should be at least 60 meters behind heavy vehicles or other vehicles towing trailers, unless you are overtaking.

–    The P1 car license holders can tow small trailers for up to 250 of unloaded weight.

When it comes to the towing vehicle, these vehicles must be suited to the trailer. Car manufacturers usually indicate on the owner’s manuals the maximum weight and other features of the trailers that are appropriate for the vehicle. These are limits that should not be exceeded.

Regarding registration, all vehicles must comply with the relevant registration and be roadworthy at all times. The rear number plates and lights should not be obscured by the tow bar in case there is no trailer connected. The towing vehicle must be properly equipped tow bars and couplings of a suitable type and capacity. It should also have electrical sockets for lighting. The brake connections should properly be fitted in case the trailer is connected to power or electrical brakes.

Additionally, other mirrors may be needed for the towing vehicle in case you are towing a large trailer. For vehicles using an automatic transmission, an additional transmission oil cooler may be required. For towing heavier vehicles, some vehicles may need structural reinforcements or special suspension and load distributing devices.

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