Car maintenance things you need to know!

When you buy your first car, it can be a bit of a different experience. You are now an owner, and with ownership, you are now responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle. The key to car maintenance is stressing the small stuff, as if you notice an issue early on, it will not come back to bite you in the wallet or for your car’s overall health. Here are some of the simple car maintenance things that you need to know when you own a car!

Routine maintenance is not just a dealership conspiracy

Proper maintenance is the easiest way to limit the cost of car repairs for owners. Pay attention to your car’s book, and book services that go along with your miles. Fluids should be flushed every 40,000 to 60,000 miles, while oil should be changed at least every 5000 miles.

Check for damage every day

Damage to your car is a major concern for owners, and as your car ages, this damage will be essential to ensuring structural soundness. Check for scratches, rusting or dents to allow you to prevent any other issues that might come up due to this damage.

Read your owners manual

Although it is a bit of a thick book, your owners manual is the bible of your vehicle. No one knows a vehicle better than the manufacturer, and this handy book will give you insights into when you should schedule services to what kind of engine oil is best used on your vehicle. Try to limit the variances away from the book, and your car will thank you for it by running well past 200000 miles.

Do not ignore those puddles under your car!

Although it might have rained the night before, always take a look for those puddles under the car. These puddles will give you some key insights into what is leaking, and how you can fix it. If it is oil or gas, you should take it into a shop to ensure that there are not any other major concerns with the vehicle. As well, if you are noticing a large number of puddles, it might be a hint that your car is overheating or having some other issues, and you should get that checked out sooner rather than later.

Small noises are not just the road, it is your car telling you something and you need to listen!

When it comes to your car, those strange sounds are not a good thing. Today’s modern day cars have been designed to be a solid and smooth ride with noise cancellation, and if you start to hear something out of the ordinary it is time to pay attention. It could be something loose, or an engine part starting to wear. Keep track of the noise and if you notice it has not changed head to a dealer or a local technician to get it looked at. You are better off safe than sorry when it comes to a strange sound from your engine!

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