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Korean Food ChantillyAs a growing suburb of Washington DC, Chantilly has been a popular location for families for almost 40 years, and with a 30 minute commute to the Nation’s Capital and an hour’s drive or less to mountains and national parks it’s not hard to tell why. Chantilly is also quickly becoming a favorite amongst the booming Korean and Indian communities in Northern Virginia.

Situated in Western Fairfax County and Southeastern Loudoun County and only 27 miles from Washington, Chantilly provides a safe, comfortable community for people who work in the nearby Dulles Technology Corridor and the Capital. The majority of residents in Chantilly are employed by defence and technology companies, as the area is claimed to be home to more telecom and satellite companies than any other place on earth, according to Time magazine, therefore drawing a highly educated and international community to the region.

With the Indian American population growing 50% in Fairfax County since 2001 and the Korean community matching that number in growth, Chantilly has steadily reflected the shift in population preferences for specialized dining and shopping experiences.

There are multiple Asian grocers in Chantilly specializing in fresh produce, packaged foods, and imported specialty liquor. Lotte Plaza is the most popular among them. Along with with its expansive selection of fresh seafood and meats, as well as what feels like an endless selection and quantity of imported fruits and vegetables, this location of the Korean owned grocery chain is not only a food shoppers paradise, but is also home to a kitchen supply store, a barber, a jewelers and multiple food court stalls specializing in Korean and Indian fast food, as well as pho and french inspired asian sweets. Lotte Plaza feels more like a traditional maze market than a grocery store, continuing to be a community gathering post, and this location has even been written up in the Washington Post as a haven for bargain shopping and exotic dining.

Indian Food ChantillyYou can also find a thriving number of Indian businesses and restaurants in Chantilly, making it easy find pantry staples at India Bazaar, and to indulge in Indian comfort food at local spots like Chennai Express and Charcoal Chicken. There a also two Halal groceries in town, as well as two Hookah lounges, which add to the local nightlife in the area.

Locals praise Chantilly for its inclusive multicultural community feel, and residents enjoy many of the annual events that showcase the local diversity. The Dulles Convention Centre hosts a large gathering of Indian vendors and performers twice annually for Rushhi Entertainment’s popular Heritage India Festival Series. It is Washington metro area’s premier festival for South Indian arts, culture and commerce, and draws thousands.

Between the restaurants, specialty grocers, shops and bustling community events, Chantilly is a shining example of a multicultural suburban area that really has a friendly small-town feel. Chantilly is small-business friendly and continues to welcome newcomers who choose to work and live in the Silicon Valley of the East.

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