What to do in Wolf Trap National Park

Located just outside of Vienna, VA, Wolf Trap National Park is the only national park that is dedicated to preserving the performing arts. No matter if you are travelling to the area, or live in Vienna proper, the great music and theatre that comes out of this national park are deserving of a few day trips.Wolf Trap Stage Vienna

The Felene Center

The main attraction at the park is the Felene Center. A truly breathtaking open air venue that has been host to a number of shows ranging from rock and roll to live theatre performance. This is a two level theatre, with a large roof to cover those who come early to grab a seat. If you are sitting on the lawn, make sure to bring a chair, and get comfy. Many people bring in their own food, and you can have yourself a little picnic before the show!

Shows at the Felene Center

Wolf Trap ViennaDue to the unique atmosphere, a number of large acts have come through Vienna, VA to experience playing in such a truly beautiful venue. Everything from jazz to EDM and even live theatre has happened within the Felene Center, and we cannot wait to see what happens next. For instance, in the 2017 season, the following have already booked or played: the two cellos, Steve Martin, Daddy Yankee, Mountain Heart, Joan Shelley, Rick Springfield, and a host of others. No matter your taste in music, theatre, or the arts, the Felene Center in Wolf Trap National park has something for everyone.

The Barns

The Felene Center is used during the summer months for outdoor concerts, but those who know the area know that the music does not stop with the fall and winter approaching, instead, it moves indoors. The national park has a number of large barns on the property, six to be exact. Those barns play host to a large number of events throughout the summer, and during the winter they turn into some of the best live music venues on the East Coast. This year, Joan Shelley, Tommy Castro and the Painkillers, Cheyenne Jackson, Troker, St. Paul and the Broken Bones are the headliners of the Barn series. You will quickly fall in love with the music, and the venues could not get much better.Wolf Trap National Park Vienna


The park is also home to a number of small mammals, birds and fish that dot the many lakes and forests that surround the music and arts venues. There are no large mammals in the area, which makes Wolf Trap National Park the perfect place for a little family getaway. With amazing music and some exploring by the little ones, it is no wonder why Wolf Trap continues to be one of the top national parks in the country.

If you are looking for a great night out, or something to do on a summers eve, the first place you need to check out in Vienna, VA is Wolf Trap. The area is truly amazing, and no matter if you are a young family, seasoned retirees or simply someone who loves the arts, this is one truly amazing venue to take it all in.

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