Technology to help you get the most out of your car

We love technology, it is what allows our cars to be understood, and as tow truck drivers it is an essential piece of kit that we need to understand. However, technology has done wonders for car owners, and whether it is a connected app or something else, the ability for technology to get more out of your car has never been greater. Here are some great pieces of tech that will help you get the most out of your car.


Fixd is a small diagnostic tool that will allow your car to talk to your phone. All cars after 1996 have been fitted with a diagnostic plug-in on the driver’s side of the vehicle, and this plug-in allows mechanic computers to connect to the car and see what is wrong. Fixd allows you to do the same thing, but instead of a computer, the information is sent to your smartphone. This great little piece of technology will be able to tell you why your check engine light is on, and will also give you handy service reminders that help you keep your car running like new.

Tesla’s self-park feature

One of the most dangerous spots for your car is, in fact, the parking lot. The amount of possible accidents is practically uncalculatable and the smart cars of the future know this. This is why Tesla has invested in a self-park feature for all of their line-up to take the human out of parking. Utilising 360-degree radar, the car is able to park itself and come to its owner all on its own. It is like living in the future, but as more and more brands realize the positive side of self-parking, it should become commonplace in the near future.


HUDWAY has taken the heads up display concept and has made it possible for people to have a taste of the safer driving future looks like. With HUDWAY you are able to place your phone on the dashboard and have a heads up display featured on the windshield that includes your speed, turn by turn navigation and Bluetooth details. The app is not perfect but does allow for those who are looking forward to the future a glimpse into the next big thing.

Dashboard cameras

We have all seen the motorcycle dashboard camera videos from Russia, but the truth of the matter is these little cameras do wonder. As a tow truck company, we have seen our fair share of accidents, and a recorded version of events will help both your insurance company and the police deal with the aftermath. These cameras are getting smaller and cheaper every year, and are well worth the investment. Plus, if you spot someone doing something silly, you can enjoy your 15 seconds of internet fame, it really is a win-win.

No matter if you are looking diagnose your car’s ailments or want to experience a car parking itself, there is a tonne of technology that just might help your care last a little longer. Much of today’s advancement circles around safety, but we are sure some things might be a little fun to play with as well.

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