Towing Safety Practices You Need to Observe

Spotsylvania Tow Truck 2Compared to everyday driving, towing is very different. It requires additional driving skills as well as a high adherence to safety precautions. As a towing driver, you will have the legal responsibility to yourself and other road users. When you are looking forward to having a safe towing, the first step is to ensure the vehicle, trailer and load are all suited. While modern vehicles are much lighter and have better service for normal daily use, some do not have what it takes to be sufficient for towing purposes.

Here are important towing tips you have to keep in mind, to ensure you have a safe towing;

Legal Requirements

To ensure your safety and that of other users on the road, you should abide by the local towing laws. The vehicle and the trailer must comply with all the relevant registration requirements. They must be roadworthy and be in a safe condition. All trailers must be fitted with a rear number plate. Towing more than one trailer is prohibited by law. The speed limit for a vehicle that is towing a trailer must be the same as for a normal vehicle.

Towing Vehicle

The towing vehicle must be suitable for towing. In some cases, towing options such as special suspension and transmission options or even load distribution devices must be fitted to adhere with the descriptions of the manufacturer. Your vehicle must be properly equipped for the type and size of the trailer. Towbars and coupling must be of the required type and capacity. Suitable brake connections may be required.


The towbar to be used must be properly designed and fitted, to ensure safe towing. The load capacity of the towbar must be equal to the loaded mass of the trailer. The towbar to be used must be fitted with attachments that connect safety chains that are capable to withstand the load capacity of the towbar. Towbars and towbar tongue should not protrude precariously, or have sharp corners.

The thing that separates good drivers from others is the ability to react quickly. While towing a vehicle, it takes longer to stop, change lanes or take turns. You need to keep your eyes up and look ahead than normal. With the flow of traffic to identify drivers who are most likely to cause problems. When you are towing in bad weather, you need to be extra careful. Keep your vehicle brakes in a good condition to facilitate safe stopping on instances you have to slow down or stop.

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