What To Look For In Car Towing Services

Picking up the right car towing services can be a difficult decision to make. Much of what you have to go depends on vehicle specifications, its towing capacity and on-road impressions. Above these, you are likely to look at other choices about the engine and transmission, comfort and luxury features, the suspension and whether you want a two-or-four wheel drive.A man is checking out his SUV that has been loaded onto a flatbed tow truck with Fairfax Tow Truck.

Trying to load and transport a breakage car without a proper vehicle can be a nightmare. Not only do you put your car at risk, but you could as well damage your vehicle and put those around you at equal risk. The same goes for hauling heavy machinery and equipment on a trailer. A good towing vehicle should have aspects such as;

 The Towing Capacity

We all know that trucks make excellent towing vehicles. You can always compare different options and types. Towing capacity is an obvious factor and ensures that you take it into account. Every vehicle is rated to a tow maximum weight limit. You don’t want to exceed that number under any circumstances. Note that this number is not the same to the gross weight rating.


The wheelbase is the measurement from the front axle to the rear axle of the vehicle. If the wheelbase is long, there is a higher possibility that the weight of the trailer will push down the rear axle and thus lift the front end. If a wheelbase is long, there is an added advantage of providing more control over the rig.

Drive system

Pay keen attention to the drive system of any vehicle you are considering. For towing heavy vehicles, the four-wheel and all-wheel vehicle is a must. These types of vehicles also provide superior performance in wet condition. However, if you only plan to stay on dry road surfaces, a two-wheel drive can do the work.

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