5 Signs your battery is on its way out

Dealing with a dead battery is never a good thing, and that call to the towing company is never timely. This is why we have brought together some handy tips on how to tell if your battery is on its last legs. This is especially important in northern climates during winter! Without further ado, here are the five signs your battery is on its way out!

Engine Cranks but will not start

If your engine is cranking, but will not turn over, it is probably your battery. The battery needs to have enough voltage to get things going, and startup is its toughest task. If you are experiencing this kind of an issue, call a tow truck for a jump, or get a neighbor to give your battery a good jump with jumper cables. You will get it started, but you will need to take a look at replacing the battery sooner rather than later.

No crank, no start, no lights

This is never a good thing, but if you turn the key and do not have a crank, a start and do not have power to the console, chances are it is your battery. You should be able to jump it with a standard set of jumper cables or a tow truck, but you will need to quickly find yourself a new battery as your current one is on its last legs.

One day it is fine, the next it won’t start

This might have been a bit a human error by leaving a light on in the console, or a just a simple battery issue. However, mechanical problems generally do not have these issues, and it might just be a battery cable is loose. Check your connections, and 9/10 times your engine will roar back to life, if it does not, get a jump and look at some replacement options for your current battery.

Cold cranking is hard work

The northern climates in the United States can be tough on a battery, and a real test to its current strength is starting the engine in cold weather. Make sure to check the cold cranking amps of your vehicle, as it should match with your current battery in place. If it does not, it might be time to swap out the battery and see the difference the next time you need to complete a cold crank. If it is correct, your battery could be on the way out, and an engine block heater might be a worthwhile investment, especially if you are living in this climate year after year.

You have jumped it a lot already

If you have to continually jump your car, the chances are you need to get a new battery as soon as possible. Batteries are designed to hold a charge, and when you are dealing with jumping a battery a number of times, it normally signals that it might be time to look for a new piece of kit. Make sure to get the right amps and volts for your car, and you will have fond memories of leaving jumps in your past!

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