Five do’s and don’t when dealing with a mechanic

Look, we all have our mechanic that we know and trust, but sometimes you are stuck in an unfamiliar city dealing with someone you had AAA recommend. So what to do now? Well luckily for you, after you get dropped off by a tow truck, we have brought together the five do be and don’ts when dealing with a mechanic!

Clear communication

A mechanic is only as good as the information he is given, especially if you are looking for a rushed job. A car is a bit of a complex beast, and sometimes you first issues are masking something a little more major. This means that you need to be able to communicate with the mechanic on what went wrong, and the sounds or feeling you got when it did. Using terms like a backfire, bottoming out or bucking will be helpful, as well an accurate description of events, and any major fixes you have completed.

Set realistic expectations

Not all mechanics will be able to get your car back the same day, so chat with them and see what their best course of action will be. Remember, they are the experts, and will be able to give you accurate timelines of when they will be able to turn the car over back to you. Even if it is a quick fix, often there is quite a bit of labor so be upfront of wanting to know about costs, and keep them honest.

Do not drop off a dirty or cluttered vehicle

Nothing is worse as a mechanic or tow truck driver than dealing with a dirty or cluttered vehicle. Tidy up your ride before you get to the shop, as mechanics will often have to be in the main part of the car, and they do not want to see your week-old hamburger on the floor. Plus, if you are dealing with the excess weight it will be tough for a mechanic to accurately diagnose some issues pertaining to your vehicle.

Make yourself available

Mechanics do not have a lot of time, so leaving a phone number for a quick call or text will do wonders when it comes to your service. If they are unable to contact you to authorise a repair they will not do it, which will only add to your repair time. Likewise, if you are unable to answer when you will be able to pick up a car, it does not look good on the garage as they will have to push your car to the side and impact their lot.

Leave the technician alone

There is nothing worse than dealing with someone looking over your shoulder, and this is no different than when dealing with mechanics. Let them do their job, and you will get your car back in on time. If you are invited out to the floor make sure to only ask questions that are pertinent and keep your interaction to a limited amount of time. Your car is not the only one they are working on, and these men and women are true experts when it comes to your car, let them work in peace!

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