The keys to restoring a car

Old cars are all the rage, but some of those old beauties are a little rough around the edges. A car restoration project is a great way to reconnect with your past and get some grease on your hands. But where do you even start? Well in this article we are going to look at some great tips on how to restore a car on a budget.

Finding the car

Besides call your local towing company for some tows to the junkyard, the classifieds are going to be your best bet. You will need to decide if you are looking to sink money into a project where you complete the whole restoration or something that has already started. This is essential, as the less a car is completed, the more money you will need to sink in. Take a look at magazines or other online ads, plus it never hurts to chat with car enthusiasts to see what they think. From an old muscle car to something from the 40’s the possibilities are endless!

Finding Parts

Parts are going to be your toughest find, but the search is part of the fun. You will need to find a number of replacement parts when you restore a classic car, especially if you are looking to restore a European car in North America. If you are lucky, you might be able to find some original parts in a scrapyard, but you will literally have to dig to find these diamonds in the rough. Contact salvage centers in your area, and chat with some of the staff. They know their stuff, and if you are a car enthusiast you might be able to get a call when a car comes in. Plus, you can find a large number of parts online. Just be wary of import duties or shipping, you need to find a seller that will not charge you an arm and a leg for your part!

Restoring the car

First off, you need to realize that part of the fun of restoring a car is doing the work yourself. Those who love cars do not have someone else complete the job, but instead, you get to enjoy the fine art of hammering metal and getting oil over everything. Saying that you will need to find the space to complete the job. This means having a garage, or a covered area to complete the work and keep your car out of the weather. Further to this, you will need to invest in a number of auto tools as well as preferably a lift. This will allow you to do work on the undercarriage of the car, and limit the risks of damage to the car or yourself. You should also invest in buying the owners manual of the car you are restoring and study it like you have a final exam on it. Plus, it never hurts to have some experience working on cars, but you can be a newbie as well. Get dirty, have fun and find that car of your dreams.

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