Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

Roadside assistance StaffordTo maximize the performance and life of your vehicle, there is a list of things you should check, from time to time. There are some car parts that need to be checked regularly while others require a longer time inspection. Caring for a car and keeping it properly running takes a little bit of effort, but you will be saving for the long term. When it comes to car servicing and proper maintenance, the biggest hurdle lies on understanding what needs to be done, and how often it should be done for optimal vehicle upkeep. When you know the basics of what your vehicle needs, you should ensure your car is kept in top-notch state.

For proper car maintenance, here are the top things you need to look at.

Car Fluids

When it comes to car fluids, you need to look at oil and coolant levels. For every gas fill up, and before you take a longer road trip, it is advisable you get under the hood of your car and inspect both coolant and oil levels while the engine is switched off. Low levels of these fluids can lead to engine problems if it takes long while going unchecked. If you have trouble locating these components, always refer to your vehicle manual.

Air Filter

The engine air filter has the primary role of regulating air flow into the engine as well as keeping debris and other particles out from entering the engine. You need to ensure that the air filter is properly fixed and that air is properly flowing, as this will be key to improving fuel efficiency, ensuring a longer life for your engine and decreasing emissions. Checking the mechanisms of the air filter can be done effectively at home by checking the owner’s manual.

Tire Pressure and Tread Depth

Well-maintained tires play a key role in ensuring the safety of car users as well as fuel-efficiency. You need to make it a habit to visually inspect your tires from time to time. You need to check the pressure in your tires to ensure that it is within the recommended levels. Do not forget to have a spare tire. During colder months, note that the tire pressure may drop, so you need to be keener on that.


The lighting components of a car comprise of the headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and parking lights. It is very important to ensure that the light of your vehicle is functioning properly. Occasionally, turn on your headlights after you have parked and inspect if they are working properly and well fixed. Walk around your car and visually inspect both the parking lights and turn signals. You can have a friend to help you engage the brake lights as you inspect them.

Long-term checks

You should not forget about long terms checks for your vehicle. Long terms checks include aspects such as transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, inspecting shocks and struts, spark plugs and front and rear differentials. For seasonal checks, ensure that you replace windshield wipers as well as checking on battery performance.

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