Major Causes of Car Breakdown

Fredericksburg TowingA car is composed of hundreds of electrical and mechanical components and it might be not easy to know which part is likely to cause problems. However, before a breakdown occurs, your car’s computer tries as much as possible to communicate of any impending problem. There are numerous reasons why car breakdowns occur. For new cars, most car owners assume every part functions properly and do not necessarily bother to look at any possible cause of problems. This article aims at looking at the top reasons why a car breakdown happens.


A common cause of car breakdown is linked to running out of fuel, yet this is an issue that can easily be prevented. Most people forget to fuel their cars while others ignore the red fuel sign displayed on a dashboard that requires a car to be refueled. Another thing associated with fueling is filling a car with the wrong fuel. Putting petrol in a diesel engine is a serious problem that can lead to a serious damage. The moment you notice your car has been filled with the wrong fuel, do not start the car. Instead, have it towed to a mechanic who will empty and clean the fuel tank.

Flat Battery

A flat battery is one of the leading causes of car breakdowns. Drivers who use their cars for a short trip are at high risk of experiencing a flat battery. This is because short trips do not give a car battery sufficient time to recharge. If you have to do short trips at all time, ensure that you invest in a smart charger to connect the battery for long trips.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues are becoming a common cause of car breakdowns today. This is especially true with the increasing and complex controls and switches that today’s vehicles have. When an electrical issue has been detected by the onboard computer, it is very important to ensure that it is addressed as soon as possible.

Air Conditioner

Overheating is a serious cause of car breakdown and can be caused by a number of reasons. It is very important to check the levels of car coolant to avoid possible overheating. The coolant used in your car should also have antifreeze abilities to protect it in case of the harsh cold season. There are also mechanical issues that make a car to break down. These may range from broken or worn out spark plugs and other components.

Flat Tire

A damaged car can easily become flat and inconvenience you after a breakdown. You need to ensure you do regular tire check. The tire pressure should always be checked to be at the recommended levels. Even if you don’t use your car frequently, for every use, the car tires should be visually inspected to ensure they have the right threads, they are properly balanced and aligned, as well as having the right pressure. Other causes of car breakdown include clutch problems, overheating of the engine, starter motor issues, and distributor cap failure.

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