Different Types of Tow Truck and Their Uses

If you own a vehicle or you drive one, it is almost certain that at some point, you will need towing services. Vehicles are one of the biggest tools of convenience humans have, but from time to time, they are prone to break. When a vehicle breaks down, you need to call for towing services. Before calling towing services, it is very important to figure out what type of towing vehicle will be coming to your rescue. This is because we have a different type of towing vehicles, depending on what you want to achieve with towing.

Here are the most popular types of towing vehicles you need to know so that when you are in need of towing services, you are better informed on what to expect.


A flat-bed is a tow vehicle that is commonly referred to as a rollback tow truck. It comes fitted with a hydraulic inclined bed, that can be lowered to the ground. The car to be driven is then pulled onto the bed. Once the car has been secured, the bed is then adjusted to a driving position. The flatbed is the most popular type of tow vehicle especially when it comes to emergencies. This is because it inflicts minimum damage on a car. Instead of dragging the car behind the tow truck, it carries it on its flatbed. A flatbed is very useful as it can be used to tow other types of machinery including motorcycles and boats.

Chain and Hook

The chain and a hook tow truck is one of the oldest tow trucks ever used. It has been in use for almost as long as the vehicles themselves. It is the cheapest and most readily available type of tow truck. It makes use of a hook and chain which is adjusted to lift and drag a vehicle. The tow truck is connected to the axle of the vehicle by the use of chains, where the chains are used to raise the rear part of the vehicle to facilitate easy dragging. Although these types of tow trucks are the oldest, they are not commonly used today. This is because of the probable damage they leave on a vehicle.

Wheel and Lift

Unless the flatbed, the wheel and lift tow truck is used to lift a car by the wheels and then drag it from behind. The wheel and lift is fitted with a metal yoke and a hydraulic system that is used to lift the front or rear tires of a car. These tow trucks are commonly used as they are seen as a better alternative to the hook and chain. However, they are still not as safe and effective as flatbed, but they have an advantage of being less costly.

2 thoughts on “Different Types of Tow Truck and Their Uses

  1. I didn’t’ realize that there were so many different types of tow trucks! It’s good to know that the flat-bed option is best for bad emergency situations. My friend has an old car that needs repairs but isn’t running. They’ll have to arrange for a tow that can deliver the car to the auto shop.

  2. It was interesting when you said that flatbed towing is commonly used in emergencies because carrying the car helps prevent damage. I’ll be moving to a new area next month, and I want to find a reliable towing service that’s nearby just in case an emergency happens. I’m glad I read your article so I can look for a company that offers flatbed towing services!

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