Essential Items to Have in a Car Emergency Kit

A man with a cell phone is calling Fairfax Tow Truck for roadside assitance while is broken down car is on the side of the road with the hood open.Driving is one of those daily activities we normally take for granted, mostly because today’s cars are more reliable than ever. On daily basis, drivers encounter situations that are innumerable. It can be a car breakdown, traffic jam, flooded roadways among others. When you are driving a car, you should take some minutes before driving to ensure you have the right emergency kit, fully fitted in your car. Here are very important items that should form part of your car’s emergency kit.

Small Blanket

A small blanket can serve the purpose in case you get stranded and have to spend the night by the road. A blanket is useful as it will provide you with warmth during cold weather as well as comfort you might be dearly missing. If you are forced to make a repair such as changing wheels, a blanket will be important in providing a soft surface you can lie on. A soft blanket can also be used to wrap up an injured or sick person as well.

 Water Gallon

A gallon of water is important in providing hydration for you and your car. You need to keep a gallon of distilled water in the boot of your vehicle. This ensures that you have something to drink in case you have to be trapped inside the car for a couple of hours. On the other end, if your car is experiencing overheating, you need to pour some small amounts of water to the radiator to keep your car going, until you get to your destination.

First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit is essential for any driver. Items in a first aid kit include bandages, medicinal tape, alcohol pad, antibiotics, and basic medicines among others. You never know when you will be involved in a minor accident, or get across another driver who might be in need of basic medical attention. Having a small first aid kit in your vehicle is very important for safety precautions.

Flashlight or Headlamp

A flashlight or a headlamp is very important in case you get stranded by the road at night. It may be impossible to change tires or check under the hood of the car if it is dark. You may not depend on your car’s lighting system as it might not be able to illuminate places that you need to check, especially under the hood. As a licensed driver, it is very important to have an emergency kit in your car.

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