Blueprint to Coming Up With an Auto Repair Business Plan

Stafford Towing flat bedIn an auto repair industry, a business works at building its client base mostly through the world of mouth and referrals. The keys to success in an auto industry are through high-quality work, constant contact with clients to keep them informed about products and services, as well as having knowledgeable mechanics who are friendly and customer oriented. The mission of an auto repair shop is to provide high quality, best priced, convenient and comprehensive services. The most important and selling fact of an auto shop is trust. Another key goal is to ensure customer satisfaction, in terms of quality, time of service completion, and friendliness.


The objectives of any business are to makes profit. When starting an auto repair shop, your main objective would be to increase sales revenue, institute a program of superior customer services and hiring the best mechanics. The keys to success in such kind of business lie on building a huge client base that mostly happens through a word of mouth. When starting an auto repair shop, you should aim at producing high-quality work, and be in constant contact with clients.


An auto repair shop should aim at producing a wide range of services. The ultimate goal of the company is to offer a one-stop facility for all services including auto service needs, transmission, brake services, wheel alignment, mechanical and electrical services, among others. In this way, a company will be able to offer greater services for all clients.

Market Analysis

It is very important to study your market, to realize the best location for your business. Do a simple market segmentation that outlines the potential customers, number of cars in a particular location among other classifiers. You also need to do an analysis of competition and buying patterns. With so many customers looking to purchase auto products, your key issue is to research the best products and strike the best pricing.

Business Strategy

To survive in any business, you need to have a strategy. To have a competitive edge, you need to outline your vision as well as how to implement it. You need to perform a SWOT analysis to be ahead of your competitors. You need to have a positioning statement. Once you have created a reputation for quality and services, all you need is to keep clients and be patient as you gain new ones through referrals.


You need to develop a marketing strategy that can help in putting your business out there. For marketing, you can make use of flyers, direct mails, offering discounts, and advertising on local dailies, using social media and other online channels. Each of these marketing methods has their advantages which are defined by reach as well as the cost of marketing. You need to define a promotional strategy that will help in keeping your business relevant. You also need to come up with a pricing strategy that beats the competition. Besides everything you do, keep the focus on your objectives and mission, and have a sales forecast in place.

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