How to Choose the Cheapest Towing Company

In case you got involves in a car accident or your vehicle broke down at unexpected location, you should be able to recall the hassle you passes through while trying to find the cheapest towing company that would offer the best services with value for your money. Choosing the right towing company can be a comforting resolution to any unwanted dilemma. If by chance you ever picked a bad towing company, the chances are the experience was quite unpleasant.

People who complain about a towing experience may do so due to one of the following unexpected situations;

–    Towing charge was more than the expectedTow Truck Fairfax

–    The tow truck didn’t arrive within the stated time frame

–    The truck operator was unprofessional

–    The truck was in a bad shape or the operator was rough with the vehicle.

To solve the above issues, we are going to explore the available solutions to prevent unwanted mishaps.

Where to begin

The solution to getting happy towing services starts with you. Most insurance companies offer 24/7 roadside assistance programs while others have dedicated roadside assistance insurance carriers. Start by understanding what towing coverage you have and ensure that the contact number and policy numbers are in the car.

If you do not have coverage, and you need towing or roadside assistance, the challenge lies on finding a reputable provider. Make use of your cell phone or visit the company website for services you need. Ensure that you share your exact location and the location where you want the vehicle to be towed.

Ensure that you know the year and make of the vehicle to be towed. In this way, the towing company can determine the type of vehicle they need to dispatch. In case of any concerns, contact the insurance carrier and they should be able to assist you on what to do next.

What to ask and look for?

In case of a breakdown, ensure that the car is safely off the road. Ensure that you press for a fixed price and inquire about any extra charges. Clearly state the amount you expect to pay and provide address on where the vehicle is to be towed.

In case you are calling a tow truck provider, ensure that you ask them the following questions;

–    The year and make of their tow truck

–    If they are members of any particular trade organization

–    Whether they accept your insurance

–    If they accept visa cards

–    How long it shall take for your truck to be towed

–    The total cost including tax and other expenses

By having a clear answer to the above questions, you shall be able to get the cheapest towing services without much hassle.

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  1. It’s amazing how towing companies have the professionals and the equipment to take your vehicle to a mechanic when needed! I think it should be a priority to get your car serviced as soon as it stops responding for no reason. Since I plan to purchase a car, I’ll be sure to keep this in mind so I’m ready!

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