4 Things to Consider When Choosing Towing Fairfax VA Company

Not all towing companies are formed alike. Though it may not be a problem finding a towing company, getting a truthful and efficient towing Fairfax VA company can be difficult and time-consuming. Nobody wants to have car trouble and how you spend your time waiting for a tow truck can be quite important.

Here, we look at some tips to consider when selecting a good towing company in Fairfax, VA.

  1. The minimum notice

When contacting a towing company, ensure that you read and understand their terms of service well. Typically, contracts will include a minimum notice that shows what a towing company must provide to a towing vehicle, and this notice needs to be signed-off by the association before towing any vehicle.

  1. Proper licensing and Insurance

Towing companies are vendors, and as per such, it is your right to see the evidence that they are genuinely licensed and insured to provide services they have been contracted for. Ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company and check on their reviews in time. It is not uncommon that most families own two or more vehicles and this causes a limited number of parking spaces within each community. There needs to be a clear parking policy in place to avoid any parking issues.

  1. Pricing and contract fees

You should be aware of the tow company’s extra fees and specify what the towing company charges when a person collects their vehicle. Specify any contract fees that you will not accept prior to obtaining their services. Ensure that those fees are documented in the contract before signing.

  1. Indemnity

When it comes to indemnity, ensure that your contracts speculates that in case of any violation, the local laws can come into effect immediately. You will not be liable to incur any other fees due to such violations.

6 thoughts on “4 Things to Consider When Choosing Towing Fairfax VA Company

  1. Thanks for the advice that we make sure that the towing service we choose has licensing and insurance to show that it is a legitimate and reputable company. My husband and I have decided to find a great towing service that we will be able to use in the future if our cars break down since we had to rescue his sister from a similar situation last week. So we will definitely make sure that the company we end up choosing has all of the licensing and insurance that is necessary for a legitimate business in their area.

  2. I’ve been reading how it’s important to have a good towing service on hand in case you are ever in an emergency where your car breaks down. I think it would be much easier to follow some of your tips such as checking a towing service’s reviews if done well in advance of when you require their services. I’ll start my search for a good towing company now so I can be prepared in case I ever break down.

  3. Not many people would think about it immediately, so I like that you recommend choosing someone with proper licensing and insurance. If you are going to have to call for a towing service then you must know that they will be forcibly moving your car around. Because that is likely the case, you will need to make sure that they have the proper insurance to cover you in case there are damages.

  4. My sister’s car broke down in the middle of the road and my dad can’t come and pick her up. It was discussed here that when considering a towing company, it should have proper license and insurance. Furthermore, it’s advisable to hire professionals for quality towing services.

  5. I like that you mentioned checking the contract fees. This can be easily overlooked and not simple to figure out without knowing that it is there. I am sure that my sister would love knowing that as she looks into a towing service.

  6. Thank you for suggesting that you should make sure and the terms of service from the towing company. My husband and I are needing to get a car towed from in front of our house and want to find the best company to do it. I’ll have to look into finding the best towing company in our area.

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