Towing Services

Machines are composed of many parts, be it electrical and mechanical and are bound to break down. There are a couple of reasons why vehicles break town to warrant towing services. Such reasons include electrical malfunctions, running out of fuel, tire problems, ignition issues, missing keys, engine failure, and flat battery among other reasons.

Whatever the breakdown reason might be, it is always good to have a reputable towing services provider you can rely on in case you are in a difficult roadside situation. If you have a car, the odds are at one time, and you may need towing services to attend to the following common services.

CollisionsFairfax towing flat bed

Accidents are the main reasons vehicles break down. Major causes of accidents include distracted drivers, speeding, drunk driving, reckless driving, rain, teenage drivers, running red and stop signs among others. Even the most experienced and cautious drivers may find themselves involved in an accident.

Engine or Car Problems

There are a couple of things that can go wrong with your vehicle, especially without any distress call or warning. Overheating is a common problem and a major cause of engine breakdowns. Another common problem is transmission failure causing problems in engaging the gear. When it comes to more modern and computerized vehicles, electrical problems can affect such vehicles.

Tire Issues

You might find yourself with a flat tire. To make matters worse, you might be in a situation with a missing jack, locknut, wheel spanner and not able to change a tire by yourself. In such hard situation, the solution might lie on calling a towing company to offer you appropriate services.

Dead Battery

Sometimes, cars won’t start. Dead battery and starter problems are common issues that affect cars. If you are out and stranded when this happens, you will most likely need a tow truck to help in starting off or jump starting your vehicle should there be no need of towing.

Other problems include running out of gas, lockouts and a vehicle getting stuck.

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