Ways to Keep Tow Truck Scammers at Bay

Tow truck operators may be your most welcomed rescuer who lends their helping hand when your vehicle breaks down on a busy highway or when you are met with a serious accident. In this regards, towing becomes an invaluable and legitimate service that a serves public genuinely.

However, there are instances where scam companies advocate for their unethical business practices and hidden charges. This may make you end up with a terrible towing experience. In this article, we are going to give you some insights on how to protect yourself from such unscrupulous towing scams.

Common Tow Truck ScamsFairfax Tow Truck

Most of the dishonest towing firms work with crooked body shops and get paid for towing the damaged vehicles directly to their shops. This is one of the most common scams most customers often encounter. In other cases, the towing operator parks your car on a private property and never release it not until you pay their inflating service charge.

Another popular scam involves unauthorized persons with false papers and fake company names convincing you with their glorifying speech to have you move your vehicle to their repair station.

With the above scams being evident, ensure that you check on the credentials of the company handling your towing and repair services. Check on the company documents such license, insurance papers and other paperwork for credibility. Ensure that you sign contract agreement to avoid paying hefty service charges. The contract to be signed includes details such as the number of operators required and the total service cost, etc.

Avoid body shop referrals. Keep in mind only creepy towing companies engage in such acts. It is always advisable to get referrals only from friends and relatives, as in this way, you are less to get scammed. Ensure that all due repair process is followed and only genuine parts are replaced, should body replacements be required.

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