When do I need a tow truck?

A car that has been damaged in an accident is being towed through Fairfax on a flatbed tow truck.It is a question that we are often asked, and there is no real perfect answer, but naturally, we are going to try! When you call a tow truck you are in dire straights, you have exhausted all of your options, and the only real way for you to get home is from a friendly towing company. So here are examples of when you absolutely need to call a towing company

After an accident

If you are dealing with an accident, and it is significant, you best call a tow truck. Many towing companies offer accident recovery services and will be able to get your car to an auto repair shop, the insurance company or to a wrecker without a ridiculous fee. Plus, if you can drive, it is often better to not, as there might be underlying issues with the vehicle that the drive home will only make worse. Damage to the undercarriage does not show, and misaligned wheels or a damaged axle are tough to spot even on the sunniest of days. Save your time and money and call a tow truck!

When you run out of gas

Running out of gas is never a good experience, but when you are dealing with it during the day or night, it is the worst. Save the awkward call to your partner or a friend, and simply call a tow truck. General, tow truck companies offer gas delivery service and will get you back on the road in no time. Plus, who has time to hike the 5 miles to the nearest service station?A woman is sitting in her broken down car on a snowy winter day waiting for Fairfax Tow Truck to tow her car to a garage.

General Car Issues

Dealing with general car issues is a bit of a stressor for most, and if you are not really sure what is going on with the car, you need to call a tow truck. The towing company will be able to deal with overheated engines, transmission issues or anything else that has gone wrong. Many tow truck drivers will be able to simply help, and it is never a bad thing to have an experts opinion on the side of the highway during the summer.

The car is in the ditch

So if you have happened to drive into a ditch… you need to call a tow truck. This not only for yourself but for the overall road safety. Trying to drive out of a ditch is a bit of a task, and typically, car owners do not have the skills to complete this task without causing major damage to their vehicle. A tow truck will be able to help you out of the jam, without disrupting buddy up to the road that has a jeep. Tow trucks have winches that are designed to limit damage to the vehicle and get you out in mere minutes. Plus, if you do call someone, they could also get stuck which would only add to the problem. Save a headache, and make sure to call a tow truck to get you out of a ditch if you have had an accident, you will thank us later.

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